Search Engine Marketing (SEM): FAQs

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): FAQs
September 11, 2019 No Comments Digital Marketing Rohit Singh

What is Search Engine Marketing?

With the technological advancements in the marketing field and the rise of Digital Marketing concepts, a constant competition has risen among the advertisers and marketers. Among the popular ways of marketing online, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one such method that company’s or firm’s look forward to while expanding their businesses and services.

SEM meaning is not like a high level complicated Science topic but a digital marketing strategy that aid companies to grow their business market digitally through paid and unpaid Ads on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This helps in promoting the website in search engine result pages (SERPs) for optimizing brand presence to attract target customers.

If you are still not aware of this most effective digital marketing strategy, then this one’s for you to have a quick look into. Let’s take you through its vital aspects to help you understand the Search Engine Marketing benefits better.

What is included in Search Engine Marketing?

When consumers look for the terms or keywords related to your business on the search engines, than is the value of Search Engine Marketing understood. Ranking higher on the search engine result pages is not about luck, rather it is the result of solid foundation and continuous effort in the search marketing.

Here are the significant strategies and planning included in the SEM for developing your website’s search marketing.

  • Design your search strategy: As per your website’s short-term and long-term goals, choose from organic or paid search methods (or even both) to improve your SERP rankings.
    Research and generate relevant keywords: Before optimizing your site or launching search engine advertising campaign, research for relevant keywords apt for your website and generate a list of it. Keyword research can be done either through brainstorming, copying competitor’s keyword or by using online tools.
  • Optimize website: Optimizing one’s website through various ways is the most vital aspect for search marketing campaign. Replan and rewrite content stuffed with the generated list of keywords in the best possible organized way. You can also eliminate the technologies preventing the search engines from reading your contents, like graphics or flash content.
  • Produce inbound links: Generating inbound links from popular sites, directories, esteemed companies and organizations often reward your website’s search marketing. Higher the ranks of linked sites, more valuable your website becomes.


Other than these, implementing additional internet campaigns through social media and blogs may also help your website’s search engine advertising.

How do you use Search Engine Marketing?

Before you begin search engine advertising for your business, it is of utmost importance to know how the search engine marketing can be used effectively. Let’s dig deep.

In SEM, companies thrive to drive more and more traffic by attracting targeted customers to their website. In today’s digital marketing world, marketers understand exactly how to use it. Depending upon your website’s current position you need to do major or minor improvements in your digital marketing strategy.

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Companies often use SEM in an organized manner quite effectively to generate new leads from every visitors looking up to the website in search of something. Once the lead is generated, the website must have exactly what the customer is looking for in order to procure some sell products.

Search Engine Marketing aids to build brand value of your company. It also helps to divert traffic of your competitors to extend your reach to the wide range of consumers. Knowing exactly how to use it in the best effective way will never keep you aloof from the SEM benefits.

Is SEM effective?

Search Engine marketing is the most credible way to market your services. Unlike other forms of advertising, the search engine advertising provides you a huge scope to come up with substantial information for the consumer. Your website must be well organised and loaded with key information to sell your service or product without overwhelming your customer.

Your website must cater information for both, one who are at a glance for a brief survey of what you have on offer and also for those who look for detailed overview. The information must be relevant and catchy to attract readers attention, while lengthy information must be avoided.

If you have been working hard on your website’s search engine advertising and still not getting the desired results, we strongly recommend you to have a look at the marketing strategies of the market leaders. You may also look for the relevant search engine marketing services by to analyse your website and take proper advice from professional companies to improve your strategies.

Types of SEM

Search Engine Marketing is primarily concerned with the web marketing content and other tricks to attain greater visibility of your website. More the traffic you gather through optimized search marketing procedure, greater will be your reach and visibility on the online platform. Here you have the opportunity to use both paid and unpaid methods to optimize your website.

The paid and unpaid methods break the SEM into two parts- Paid or Sponsored Search and Unpaid or Organic Search. Let’s get to a brief discussion about both the types.

  1. Sponsored Search: Paid search is the best method to optimize your Search Engine Marketing if you are looking for an instant or quick result, but all you need is to spend your dollars for it. There are many sponsored search programs available in the market. But pay per click (PPC) is the best amongst all, as you only pay for every click on your ad.
  2. Organic Search: Organic search or unpaid search method in SEM is nothing but search engine optimization (SEO). Whenever your customer looks for information related to your products or services, you will always want your website to rank higher in the search result pages. This can be done by optimizing your site through organic search or SEO method. For detailed information, you can go through the blog on Search Engine Optimization and other Search Engine Marketing services by

How does Search Engine Marketing work?

People’s inclination towards the internet in today’s world has paved way for digital marketing, as you get to catch your prey (customers) most conveniently there itself. People use the internet more than often to research any services, goods, products and providers before buying anything.

This is where SEM comes handy as a vital component for the marketing plan of a company via search engine advertising and thereby increasing its reach. It works seamlessly to drive organic traffic to websites of the company or business with the intent to convert visitors into profitable customers.

In order to ensure the most accurate results for every search, search engines employ complicated algorithms along with your location and other accessible information. Search Engine Marketing works most effectively when the following points are kept in mind while putting up a campaign.

  • Conduction of keyword research with a set of selected keywords relevant to product or website.
  • Selection of geographic location in order to allocate Ads.
  • Text based Ads must be created accordingly to display for various search results.
  • For sponsored search results, right bidding of price must be done.

Search Engine Marketing examples

The primary search networks which SEM marketers and professionals target are Google AdWords (Google Ads) and Bing Ads. Here is a brief you must know all about Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

  • Google AdWords and Bing Ads offer you an online platform developed by Google and Bing respectively, where you get to display short advertisements, product listing, video content, service offerings, etc.
  • Google Ads uses two networks, Google Display Network and Google Search Network. You get to buy ads on both these networks. The Google Search Network consists of search-based websites owned by Google, while the Google Display Network includes Gmail, Blog and Youtube. At the other end, Bing Ads allows you to buy ads through both Bing’s network and Yahoo’s network.
  • Google Ads gives you huge scope to advertise and grow your business as it has a much larger network (almost twice) than the Bing Ads. However, the pricing on Bing Ads is much lower. This allows marketers to get a better ranking for competitive keyword or phrase at a lower price than Google Ads.


With people trusting the internet more than anything else, the value of Search Engine Marketing has taken a wide shape in today’s marketing world. For a company to withstand in this competitive world around, the SEM benefits must be highly appreciated thereby conducting more and more search engine campaigns.

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