One Nation One Card Scheme – All You Need to Know about it

One Nation One Card Scheme – All You Need to Know about it
March 15, 2019 No Comments Did You Know? Rohit Singh

The ‘One Nation One Card (ONOC)’ or rather National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) is a bit of Make in India initiative from the Indian Government. Going with the current success of ‘One Nation One Tax’ (GST), Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ONOC card on 4th March, 2019. One Nation One Card supported with National Common Mobility Card will give the freedom of settling down various commitments at several stages with much ease while doing the payments. 

Key points to know about One Nation One Card

One Nation One Card

What is One Nation One Card scheme?

One Nation One Card means that with this inter-operable transport card, commuters can pay their transport charges, metro affirmations, halting costs, toll charges and also retail shopping bills. Apart from these, the cardholders can also avail the facility of withdrawing money from the Automated Teller Machines (ATM).

The genuine point of interest of One Nation One Card scheme is to make the payment system faster and easier for all modes of public transport.

Since the card is all about payments and transactions, the security is the most important question attached to it. But, like the Debit/Credit cards, the NCMC card is also secured with EMV technology that ensures the security of payments at various Point of Sales (POS) terminals and therefore, the card is much reliable and easy to proceed.

Benefits of One Nation One Card

  • The card is issued in the form of debit/credit card and has almost the same features as Rupay debit/credit card. More than top 25 banks of India including State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank will issue the card to the users.
  • The users of this card will get much smoother experience from a significant number of issues that they face daily such as the need for standing in ticket windows in trains, buses and other such transit places.
  • Apart from the transport charges, users can also use the card to pay toll tax and parking fees.

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  • The mobility card offers cashback too on paying bill payments.
  • A total of five per cent and 10 per cent cashback can be availed by the cardholder at ATMs and merchant outlets respectively
  • The card can also be issued from PayTm Payments Bank as PayTm one nation one card.

How to apply NCMC card online

  • Those who want to get their One Nation One Card with supported NCMC will have to visit their nearest bank branch.
  • NCMC card registration can only be done through bank members or authority authorized by Reserve Bank of India.
  • Interested people can also visit their bank online portals like SBI online or PNB online and get it done within minutes.

As of now, the Government seems to be focused largely in the big cities but with time, even the rural population of our country will avail this One Nation One Card scheme. It will not be wrong to say that our country has moved a step ahead towards its ‘Digital India’ and making India a cashless economy.

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