Mirage 2000 India-The Enemy of Enemy

Mirage 2000 India-The Enemy of Enemy
March 26, 2019 No Comments Did You Know? Rohit Singh

The Mirage 2000 is the same jet with which Indian Air Force launched an airstrike on multiple terror launchpads across the LOC. The attack was prosecuted in the response of the suicidal attack, which was carried out by the Pakistan based jihadist terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM) in which 40 CRPF jawans martyred.

2019 Balakot Air Strike

The fighter jets of Indian Air Force took off conveying 2000-lb bomb from Gwalior airbase. At morning 3 o’clock, Mirage 2000 entered in Balakot flying at very low-level altitude just to dodge the radar and dropped 1,000 kg bomb in order to destroy the terrorist camp of JEM. It took 21 minutes to complete the raid and just two minutes to destroy the launchpads.

Mirage 2000 Dassault Aviation

Mirage 2000  is manufactured by Dassault Aviation in the late 1970s. It’s a multipurpose fourth-generation single-engine fighter jet. The core purpose behind manufacturing this deadly fighter jet was to make it light in weight and replace Mirage III for French Air Force. Eventually, the aircraft’s weight got reduced and therefore, evolved into a multipurpose fighter jet with certain variants developed. Mirage 2000N, Mirage 2000D, Mirage 2000-5, etc are the evolved version of it.

What makes Mirage 2000 India fatal for the enemy?

  • It carries two types of missiles, the first one is air-to-air missiles and the other one is air-to-surface missiles.
  • Mirage 2000 range is 1,550 km with drop tanks and 285 m/s climb rate.
  • It has a maximum take-off weight up to 17,000 kg, which means it can carry a weight of around 10,000 kg bombs.
  • Mirage 2000 speed is 2.2 Mach i.e 2,336 km/hr or 1,451 mph at high altitude and 1,110 km/hr or 690 mph at low altitude.
  • A specialized radar named Doppler radar is used in the jet that use Doppler effects to generate velocity data about the target at a distance.
Mirage 2000
Mirage 2000

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Countries having Mirage 2000 variants

  • France with 315 jets having four variants such as 2000C, 2000D, 2000N and 2000B.
  • UAE posses 67 jets with a total variant of five named as 2000EAD, 2000-9, 2000-9D, 2000RAD and 2000DAD.
  • Republic of China (Taiwan) holds 60 jets having two variants 2000-5EI and 20005DI.
  • As of now, India is having 50 jets available in two variants- 2000H and 2000TH.
  • Greece with 44 jets having three variants like 2000EG, 2000-5 MK2 and 2000BG.
  • Egypt owns 20 jets.
  • Brazil has acquired 12 jets in two variants 2000C and 2000B
  • Qatar is having 12 jets with two variants 20000-5EDA and 2000-5DDA
  • A total of 12 jets in two categories are giving their service to Peru

Unarguably, the Mirage 2000 India has a glorious history. It’s the same jet that turned the Kargil war’s result in India’s favour. In 1999 Kargil war, the operation Safed Sagar had been carried out by the Indian Air Force to support the ground troop during operation Vijay. The motive behind this operation was to wipe out the regular and irregular soldiers of the Pakistani Army.

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